Smart home technology today is all the rage and has been taking over every other household like any home appliance. It is no surprise how it has crept its way from indoors to outdoors all the way to our gardens. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot do gardening the smart way. Today gardening has been easier than ever, making it efficient and perfect for doing it in all cramped up or little spaces in. You should know everything you should know about Smart Gardening in Los Angeles. These gardens add a perfect touch of nature to your space, and some even provide you with a healthy and nutritious garden to plat experience adding to your Smart Home.

Just like any common technology such as smartphones, and computers, smart gardening also drives on technology around us. That makes up saving all three; time, energy, and money all at once.

But what is truly a smart garden or per-say the idea of smart gardening? Here in this article, you will get to know everything you should know about smart gardening.

Smart Home Automation; Everything You Should Know About Smart Gardening in Los Angeles

What is a Smart Garden?

A vegetable or herb garden that makes up your greens space, that is controlled by a computer can be termed as a smart garden. Computers and electronic devices have been introduced in farming and gardening for decades together. But the uniqueness that smart gardening offers in an indoor gardening unit are alerts and automation of processes. These make the gardening activity effortless providing exceptional results.

What is Smart Gardening?

You might have a green thumb or you may be someone who wished that you do have it. But smart garden technology presents you with an opportunity to pursue your gardening passion with much ease.

From smart irrigation systems to self-control lawn mowers, technology has today has its finger on the gardener’s pulse. Devices such as smart plant meters, that monitor the health and moisture levels of houseplants are commonly well known today. But that is not all, as the concept goes even further. So here is a guide which shows all you u need to know about smart gardening and technological products that are designed for your gardening needs.

Smart Gardening Guide

Every day there are more and more products being made available for us to reduce our carbon footprint. These products ease our chores as well as help us to be a wise consumer. By use of such technology, you can now enhance your plant care, and help design your landscape. They also allow us to find out the best sites for specific plants to be planted. If you look at the prospect of gardening it is indeed very promising leaving us with only delightful aspects of maintaining your home.

  • Smart Home Automation; Everything You Should Know About Smart Gardening in Los Angeles

Smart Plant Monitor

You can find plenty of land monitors available today. These monitors have been there since the beginning of gardening technology. These are very simple to use as you just have to put it into the soil and it will do the rest for you. These are capable of taking measurements of moisture level, tracking light and humidity as well as even analyzing the soil. If you opt for the advanced ones they can even help you with determining the nutrients in the soil.

Smart Gardens

Smart gardens are indoor gardens that eliminate the guesswork of you growing your own food and herbs. They are mostly a self-sufficient system, having their own light, automatic watering, fertilizers as well as customized heat levels. All it requires is just a plant or seed to be placed in it and the rest will happen on its own.

Smart Sprinklers

Smart sprinklers have moved ahead of the traditional sprinklers. They can now do more than just sprinkling water at the scheduled time. It can also determine any leakages or breaks in the system saving plenty of water as well as also adjust to accommodate varying weather. On top of all, it provides you access via phone or computer to monitor or change these settings.

Expandable Pots

What if it’s not only that plant that will be growing but the pot too? Now it is possible with the concept of expandable pots. These will be able to expand according to the growth of the plant. It can be a wonderful thing as it will save us the hassle of purchasing a bigger pot and re-potting it as well.

Robotic Weeders

These are solar-powered robots that can do all the building work for you. All you need to do is place them in a sunny location of the garden. Saving all of your back-breaking work and saving your plants from the harsh chemicals.

Robotic Mowers

Mowing your lawn can be a very soothing recreational activity. It can also quickly turn into a bit of a nightmare if you have to pull up and get going on the old string mower. Luckily now you can have a solid, battery-operated robot-mower that will mow your lawn inside out and will be able to cut it quickly and quietly on any schedule you create.

Vegebox Growing System

This is one of the latest hydroponic gardening and growing system that offers you a full garden to plate service. Regardless if you are having a backyard or even a balcony. All you need to do is power it up and pour in some nutrient-rich water. And it will very conveniently serve you up with fresh nutritious, herbs, vegetables, and microgreens.

Smart Home Automation; Everything You Should Know About Smart Gardening in Los Angeles