our home, no matter its size, is always a castle for you. A castle of your dreams, and a home which you always wanted to live in. But through some basic alterations, you could turn your simple, elegant house into a smart home. Coming from the sci-fi Hollywood dramas, Home Automation is a technology that has now stepped into real life too. The ultra-smart homes as seen in movies and TV shows more than a decade ago are now part of reality and this technology makes it possible for us to control the complete house with just our smartphone and Wi-Fi and Networking in Los Angeles.

How Does This Work?

We live in an era where nothing can be imagined without the usage of the internet. The Internet has become a prominent part of our daily lives and Home Automation technology makes it further upfront. In home automation, everything inside a home has a private IP address assigned to it, which can be accessed and monitored remotely using a simple smartphone.

You may have a Smart TV, washing machine, refrigerator, or any other Internet-ready household device that ensures to work with Home Automation. The end result of such devices is being controlled from your smartphone in one single tap.

Areas for Wi Fi and Networking

5 areas in your home that you can control using Wi-Fi and Networking

1. The Main Gate

Yes, you read it right, Home Automation enables you to see who has come to your house through a simple device named Ring. With Ring, you can see who has come to the other side of your door at your fingertips through your smartphone. Anytime someone rings the bell, Ring’s Wi-Fi-enabled VideoDoorbell camera allows you to video conference with the guest just through your smartphone, no matter if you are inside or outside the house. Moreover, you can even open the doors with just one click using the Home Automation technology.

Apart from this, if you at times get forget whether you have locked the back door or not, you can now easily control all your door locks from your smartphone using Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt.

2. Garden Area

This might sound a bit out of context, but it is true, you can control the irrigation of your garden area through your smartphone. There are several irrigation systems including Wi-Fi watering systems, moisture sensors, smart gardening apps that can help you to irrigate your garden properly with just a simple click. No more holding a pipe and watering the garden excessively just to slip afterward on it.

3. Kitchen Area

This might be a treat for women who love innovative households. A refrigerator might not sound like something which needs to get ‘smart’ but reading the specifications you will be surprised. Smart refrigerators now can be directly programmed from your smartphone device through which you can adjust the temperature of the fridge, and even make a shopping list of items that are not in the refrigerator.

Areas for Wi Fi and Networking

4. Bedroom

An elegant sleep is all someone needs after a hectic day at work, an Home Automation enabled bedroom can ease your sleeping experience with quality. With a smart thermostat, you can control the temperature of your house using an Apple or Android device. The Home Automation technology learns to pre-heat and pre-cool your room based on your daily habits and this will result in a cozy start of sleep when you return from a hectic day at the office because the last thing you surely won’t seek after a long day at work is a freezing bedroom.

5. TV Area or Theatre Room

This is easy to understand as Smart TVs are here for quite many years now. Controlling the volume of your television, changing the channel, all can be done using your smartphone. But do you know, you can even control the AC installed in your TV area with your smartphone. You can control almost any electronic appliance that can connect to a Wi-Fi network using the Home Automation technology.

The Benefits

One of many prominent benefits of Home Automation is the unrivaled potential for energy saving and in this manner saving your dollars on electricity bills. Your indoor temperature regulator is as of now smart as it utilizes a temperature limit to oversee the home’s warming and cooling framework.

By and large, indoor temperature regulators can likewise be modified with various objective temperatures to keep energy use at any rate during the hours when you’re to the least extent liable to profit by the warming and cooling.


Sooner or later, Home Automation might be normalized to allow us genuinely to exploit these extra prospects. Until further notice, the home security suppliers that represent considerable authority in home computerization have zeroed in on the most basic and helpful pieces of an associated home.

At an essential level, this implies the main gates, windows, and natural gadgets (temperature regulator, smoke alarms, stickiness, fire, and carbon dioxide sensors) that keep you protected and agreeable.

For extra ongoing security, accommodation, and control, Home Automation frameworks from security suppliers ought to likewise incorporate alternatives for camcorders. With the best frameworks, you’ll likewise have the option to incorporate lights and individual power plugs into your home computerization bundle.

We are all too stuck in the daily schedule of life, and Home Automation might help to make things a bit easier for you. LA Smart Home is one of the prominent organizations working in serving the people with this particular technology.

Areas for Wi Fi and Networking