ights switching on and off as soon as you enter and exit a room without any physical touch is just as magical as the wizard world of Hogwarts. Smart and well-installed Lighting automation in Los Angeles can do much more than switching on lights, it can also result in the enhancement of your lifestyle. Lighting Automation technology is faster and at its most advanced stage than ever.

Lighting automation is a vast term and it certainly covers more field than you expect. It can create automatic alterations, change the lighting levels to make your architecture look better, affect your mood and give you a soothing calmness every time you sit in your drawing room.

Not limited to space, Lighting automation can be installed in a single room to a whole house, and there’s no limit in it. Apart from giving a ray of light, it also increases the security of your house and ensures an energy-saving environment around you.

Lighting Automation 7 Tips

How Do You Control It?

Smartphone or Remote Control

Controlling Lighting Automation is quite simple than it sounds, it can be easily controlled using a smartphone or a remote. A single tap on your smartphone screen and every single light of your house can turn on at once, whether it is a small dimming light in your living room or a large yellow light in your dining area, it works at every corner of the house.

Motion Sensor Lighting Control

The concept of motion sensor lighting control won’t be old for you if you are a fan of dramatic and detective Hollywood movies. The sensors installed, detect even a small movement when someone enters a designated area of the room and the lights automatically switch on. And when you leave, the sensors automatically switch off the lights when no movement is detected for the next few minutes.

The reason why people prefer the motion sensor lighting control over others is that firstly it gives the space a royal touch with its automatic turn on and off feature and secondly it reduces the consumption of electricity due to its impressive feature.

Lighting Automation 7 Tips Timers


Timers are another innovative option for a majority of you, if you are someone who follows a strict schedule, for example, if you come back to your house at 6 pm from your office, you can schedule the time for the lights to get switch on and off, so that the second you enter your house from your office, all the lights start switching on at once. This can also minimize the excessive usage of electricity but only if you are not an irregular person.

Here Are Some Tips If You Are Willing To Install A Lighting Automation To Make Your Home A Smart Home:

Pathways Can Be More Fun

Making your rooms compiled with Lighting Automation is good but have you ever imagined what it would be like if lights switch on with each step you take towards the exit of your home? The lights can surprisingly illuminate a pathway to your destination. You can switch on the lights using several ways including a push-button, or when you open the door. You can program the lights to work only when it’s dark and then switch off automatically after a few minutes of no motion. The next time you step outside your house towards the main exit, a pathway of heavenly lights will give you the proper direction and calmness.

Schedule Time

Making kids go to sleep at the night is a ‘headache’ for almost every mother out there, the next time you think of grounding your child due to not sleeping on time, you can schedule the lights to fade out at a specific time. So that, when your kid resists sleeping at 10 p.m, the lights will automatically turn off and he will have no other option than to have a dreamy sleep.

Lights are better if you sleepwalk

About 3.6% of U.S. adults suffer from sleepwalking disorder, and sleepwalking can be dangerous especially if there’s darkness all around the person suffering from the disorder. It gets hard on you to help them during the night, as you can’t even know when the person stood up and started moving. Automated Lights can help and create a vast difference in such instances. Install a light near the door and below your bed, the next time your partner sleepwalks in the night, you will get a large splash of light on your face that will wake you and you will be able to help your partner.

Daylight, No Lights

Using lights in the daytime is usually wasting such precious energy especially when natural light is coming into the room from the windows. Lighting Automation can detect incoming natural light and would not turn on during the daytime until and unless there is no natural light in the room. This will eventually lead to mass savings in terms of your electric bill and electricity.

Motion Trigger in Pantry and Closets

You might have left lights on in a pantry or closet at least 5 times in your life. Motion trigger can detect movements and switch off lights in pantry and closet if you have left and not standing there anymore. The result, massive energy, and money saved.

A Smart Home With A Smart Theater Room

Setting up lights to fade in black after a point of time will help you a lot when you and your bunch of friends decide to see a movie in your theater room. The gradual scheduled timeout of lights will force people to grab seats fast and your plans won’t be delayed anymore.

Security Using Lights

Every 30 seconds, a household is robbed in the U.S according to FBI statistics. Automatic Lights can help you improve the security of your house. You can schedule the lights to stay on at night if you are coming late, no one enters to rob a house whose lights are turned on, and the next time a thief enters your premises at night, it will get into your notice due to the automatic turning on of the lights.