Globally, lighting as an industry is rising at an unprecedented rate, with an estimated valuation of about USD 2000 million. The USA and Europe are the primary movers during this space Asian countries following the suite.

The lighting automation system is employed to modify ON/ OFF lights. In some cases, we can use automation to dim the sunshine. Just in the case of street lights, we do not require more brightness during the mid-night instead; We require more Brightness during the evening. Lighting automation provides us with the required Brightness as per the necessity with none manual intervention.

As the demand for electrical energy increases day by day because of the entry of the latest upcoming electronic devices/gadgets in human life, there’s a niche between supply and demand. Lighting Automation gives us control of all lighting devices on our desktop monitor, or we will control our lighting through our smartphones. This technology helps us to manage our lighting load with one click.

A key point when considering saving Energy.

In this fast-paced world, people value more highly to render malls and commercial complexes as they get such a lot of options under a single umbrella. Many of us choose these commercial complexes as an amusement center. Lighting automation could be key to consider energy saving in these commercial complexes.

In industrial scenario Hour cost has also increased, so deputing a person for fault analysis and resume the system isn’t an efficient solution. Lighting automation provides us exact location and explanation for the fault. So, the breakdown period is reduced. Engineers may find real-time data of a tool through lighting automation. Another Major advantage of Lighting Automation provides the total remaining lifetime of a tool, which is incredibly much useful just in case of preventive maintenance.


In areas where you’d prefer not to cut open walls for the cable running, wireless dimmers, switches, and keypads wreak a perfect control interface.


In homes, where KNX is the standard—such as Australia, China, Germany, Singapore, and also the United Kingdom, Lighting control systems serve to produce the correct amount of sunshine where and when it’s needed. Lighting control systems are often stated under the term Smart Lighting.

Lighting controls   

The term lighting controls are often used to indicate stand-alone control of the lighting within an area. The term lighting system refers to an intelligent networked system of devices associated with lighting control.


The key benefit of the lighting system over stand-alone lighting controls or traditional manual switching is the ability to monitor individual lights or groups of lights from one computer software interface. This ability to control numerous light sources from a user device enables the development of complex lighting scenes.

Space may have multiple scenes pre-set, every one created for various activities within the room. A serious advantage of lighting control systems is reduced energy consumption. Longer lamp life is additionally gained when dimming and switching off lights when not in use.

  • Smart Light Automation by La Smart Homes
  • Smart Light Automation by La Smart Homes
  • Smart Light Automation by La Smart Homes
  • Smart Light Automation by La Smart Homes

Automated management   

Lighting management systems generally give the power to mechanically regulate a lighting device’s output based mostly on:

Chronological time (time of day)

Solar time (sunrise/sunset)

Occupancy exploitation occupancy sensors

Daylight availableness exploitation photocells

Alarm conditions

Program logic (a combination of events)


Solar time   

Solar time schedules incorporate sunrise and sunset times, usually want to switch outside lighting. Star time programming needs that the situation of the building is set. It can be accomplished exploitation the building’s geographic location via either latitude and line of longitude or by choosing the closest town during a piece of the given information.

Daylight availableness   

Electric lighting energy use is adjusted by mechanically dimming and/or change electrical lights in response to the extent of accessible daylight. Reducing the number of electrical lighting used once Daylight is accessible is understood as daylight harvest.

Alarm conditions   

Alarm conditions generally embrace inputs from alternative building systems like the hearth alarm or HVAC system, which can trigger an emergency ‘all lights on’ or ‘ all lights flashing’ command, for instance.


Program logic   

Program logic will tie all of them on top of components along with exploitation constructs like if-then-else statements and logical operators.

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Lighting in your home has become so intimate. Lighting technology is moving quicker than ever, and voice control lighting is one of the fastest and most recent developments in home automation!

With all these new technologies, we will incorporate the lighting system and set the lights to be turned on or off at a certain time of day.

Or, even when the season changes, use Sunset Tracker to control the lights. With these clever features, even though you’re not, it feels like you’re home. Using Smart Away to randomly turn the lights on and off in the evening to give the feeling that you are home — even though you’re out for the night or away for the week.


You could personalize settings for multiple lamps, enabling you to fully customize the lighting scheme in any room.

Choosing a scene is as easy as clicking a single button. The device can also be configured to allow a switch between scenes at various times of the day. Pre-set lighting may have additional advantages, apart from ambiance and energy savings. Lighting can be set to improve the protection and security of your room.


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Smart Light Automation by La Smart Homes